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The best and the most affordable thing you can do to the most amazing and caring women in your life is to acknowledge their efforts. This can be easily done by making their mornings beautiful with the reminder from the quotes, which describes them or their efforts on the very day basis. One of the ways it can be done by giving them creative designed mugs with thought provoking and motivating sayings or quotes. This way when they will start their day by having tea or coffee in the personalise mug it will give a sudden kick of positive energy and a cheerfulness. Likewise, on special occasions like bridal showers, birth announcements or maybe a bachelorette in which mugs as giveaways can be given to acknowledge the presence of the guests or surprise your loved ones by giving them on special occasions. Similarly in an organisation to acknowledge the efforts of the employees and loyal customers favour boxes including mugs and t-shirts can be given having the logo of the employer.

The products are available in a variety of materials to choose from. Estimated customisation time is between 3-7 days for the product to get ready. Standard delivery charges apply and the product can be shipped anywhere between 5-10 days. Unlike other online sellers, website offers very efficient return policy to facilitate the customers if any damaged or inappropriate product is received within mentioned time frame. This is something so convenient when buying any of our products like mugs and tees online.

Another amazing quality, which sets us apart from other competitors in the market, is the quality of fabric chosen to design shirts. The available designs of t-shirts come in cotton and polyester both and can be easily machine-washed. After care of the product is free of hassle. The material does not stretch or shrink and it stays in its original size even after multiple washes. The fabric never loses its original colour if washed with warm water, care and alike colours like any other textile product. The material of the tees is soft and lightweight and can be worn easily indoors and outdoors comfortably. The website offers a size chart, which can help choose the right size according to different body types and gender. Some of the designs are available only for men and women and some are unisex. The colours of the mugs and t-shirts displayed on the website may vary a little due to lighting and camera effects, which are mentioned with the product description. For customise orders and bulk buying it is better to place order timely to save any hassle or last minute issues. It is advisable to understand the standard customisation options described on the website.

  • Mar 03, 2019
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